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Post Apple Scientific, Inc. has many years of experience custom packaging chemical products for its clients. Clients may have their own products or products purchased from Post Apple Scientific, Inc. repackaged to sizes ranging from: 1mL up to 20L for specialty solutions 1g up to 12.5Kg for solids Please consider the following when inquiring about repackaging: How many containers? What size/volume containers to fill? Plastic, glass, etc.? Coated? If you're supplying the containers, are they pre-labeled or will they require labeling? Will you supply the chemical products or will you be purchasing them from us? Will storage be necessary (after packaging)? Will you want us to direct ship to customers or ship the finished products back to your facility? How frequently will you require repackaging? (one time only, once a month, per batch, etc.) Post Apple Scientific, Inc. can also package aerosols. For more information about packaging aerosol products, please call, write, or email us (click here for the contact information for Post Apple Scientific, Inc.).
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