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Post Apple Scientific, Inc. offers quality lab equipment with the ease of online shopping. Post Apple Scientific, Inc. creates value for its customers by making the time spent on ordering brief and as simple as 'point-and-click'.

Goggles and lab aprons have been moved to the "Safety Equipment" page listed further down this page.

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Balances & Scales
Analytical & lab balances, bathroom scales, floor scales, etc.
Glass & plastic beakers. Some graduated & non-graduated.
Bottle Carriers
Carriers for various needs.
Bottles, Bags, & Containers
Various bottles, bags, and containers for almost any job.
Beaker, burette, cylinder, bottle, flask, test tube, and volumetric flask brushes.
Burettes, Stands, & Accessories
Your choice of glass, acrylic burettes, clamps and stands.
Cell Culture Plates
Available with U or |_| cavities.
Chilling Incubators
Benchtop, programmable incubators, and accessories.
Chromatography Columns
PTFE tube with push-in PTFE stopcock and PTFE perforated support disc.
Calibrated, graduated. Mixing cylinders available, too.
Desiccators and Accessories
Dessicators, plates, and accessories.
Drying Boards, Racks & Storage
A variety of equipment for drying beakers, flasks, etc.
Evaporating Dishes, PTFE, Low Form
Pouring spouts, intert, useable to 260 degrees C.
Evaporating Dishes, PTFE, Tall Form
Pouring spouts, intert, useable to 260 degrees C.
Examination Table, HDPE
Thick 3/4" HDPE construction, perimeter channel to contain liquids, includes both splash shield as well as magnifier.
Filter Paper
Whatman 934-AH, GF/A, and Grade 1 and 2.
Volumetric, Erlenmeyer, boiling, and heavy wall filtering flasks.
Buchner, long and short stem, powder, and utility funnels.
HPLC Column Chiller/Heaters
Digital HPLC columns and accessories.
Hazardous Chemical Bottle Pourer
Allows safe pouring of hazardous and corrosive chemicals due to a special breathing vent.
Hot Plates, Stirrers, and Accessories
Digital, analog, and accessories.
Various baumes and specific gravities.
Ice Buckets
Insulated buckets with lids, 4.5L capacity.
Lab Utensils & Accessories
Spatulas, microspatulas, scoops, handles, etc.
Ovens and Desiccator Boxes
Stainless steel dessicator boxes. Various ovens.
PH Paper
Short and wide ranges.
Pipets & Droppers
Mohr, volumetric pipets, and plastic droppers
Safety Equipment
Goggles, lab aprons, gloves, and eye wash stations.
Separatory Funnels
Comes with PTFE Stopcock & Ground Glass Stopper.
Spot Plates, Plastic & Ceramic
Various spot plates with few or many depressions.
Stainless Steel Sponges
Ideal for cleaning glass or stainless steel labware.
Stirrer Bars
A variety of stirrer bars, blades, etc.
Tubing Flow Valves
One piece construction that will not corrode or rust.
Wash Bottles
Plastic. Some autoclavable.
Watch Glass Covers, PTFE
Virtually immune to chemical attack and easily cleaned.
Water Jet PP Pump
With and without gauges.
Water Jet Vacuum Pump
The ideal instrument for generating vacuum and extracting liquids and vapors.
Wooden Tongue Depressors
6" x 3/4", 500 per Box, Non-Sterile
ezypor-small EzyPor
EzyPor measuring and dispensing cap