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PP = Polypropylene
HDPE = High density polyethylene

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Analytical Funnels, PP
Autoclavable, long narrow bore, for liquids.
Buchner Funnels, PTFE
Unbreakable, resistant to corrosion, heat, cold, easily separated for cleaning.
Buchner Funnels, Polypropylene
Unbreakable, corrosion and heat resistant, easily separated for cleaning.
Buchner Funnels, Porcelain
Discs for Buchner Funnel, HDPE
Chemically resistant, holds up filter paper.
General Purpose Funnels, PP
Sturdy, break resistant, for liquids or powders.
HDPE Funnels
Ideal for laboratory and industrial usage.
Hazardous Materials Safety Funnel
Useful for disposing of acids, bases, chloroform, and other common lab solvents, and most organics.
Large Funnels, HDPE
Transfer liquids with these large polyethylene funnels.
Large Funnels, LDPE
Transfer liquids with these large, ribbed polyethylene funnels.
Lightweight HDPE & Polypropylene Funnels
Economical, ribbed to prevent air lock and to speed filtration.
Long Stem Funnels (Kimble)
Mini Funnels, PP
Primarily for lab and industrial usage. Autoclavable. I deal for micro work, filling small containers, bottles, burettes, etc.
Powder Funnels, Polypropylene
Wide stem, autoclavable funnels, translucent, economical, fast, efficient.
Separatory Funnel Support, Polypropylene
Conveniently molded in one piece.
Separatory Funnels
Comes with PTFE Stopcock & Ground Glass Stopper.
Short Stem Funnels (Kimble)
Utility Funnels, Polypropylene & HDPE
Inexpensive, general use.