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Products - Indicators & Stains

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Welcome to our indicators, stains, pigments, and dyes page. We've listed several of the product listings that are popular among our customers in a single place for easy navigation. If a product you are looking for is not listed on this page please go to our "Reagents" page by clicking the link in the navigation bar on the left.

Acridine Orange Stain, O.R.
Alizarin Red S & Yellow R Indicators
Bismark Brown, Y, Dry Stain
Brilliant Green
Brilliant Yellow
Bromocresol Green
Bromocresol Green / Methyl Red Indicator
Bromocresol Purple
Bromophenol Blue
Bromothymol Blue
Calmagite Indicator & on NaCl Carrier
Caustic Blue Indicator Solution
Crystal Violet Stain
Eosin Y
Eriochrome, Black T
Fast Green Stain
Ferroin Indicator
Gram Stains #1-4
Indigo Carmine Stain & Solution
Litmus Blue
Malachite Green
Methyl Orange
Methyl Orange - Xylene Cyanole
Methyl Purple Indicator
Methyl Red
Methyl Violet
Methyl Yellow
Methylene Blue
Neutral Red Dry Stain & Solution
Nigrosin Stain
Orange IV
Orcein Stain
Phenol Red
Sudan III
Sulfo-Orange Indicator
Thymol Blue
Toluidine Blue, O